FHIR on VistA Open Source Project.

Event Details
March 19, 2019 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm

OSEHRA Innovation Webinar - FHIR on VistA Open Source Project

This webinar will introduce OSEHRA's newest open source project group - “FHIR on VistA.” The purpose of the group is to develop and promote standards-based FHIR APIs on the VistA platform for high-value data sets and align previously developed VistA APIs to the current FHIR standards to promote interoperability across platforms and systems.

OSEHRA Organizational Member Perspecta is sponsoring his new group and will contribute their existing proprietary FHIR on VistA codebase to the Open Source Community. This codebase will serve as the baseline for further development of the open source FHIR on VistA software. The project plans to produce FHIR-based VistA resources that are compliant with the most recent standards and are prioritized, and aligned, with the community's needs. In addition, this initiative will stand-up a FHIR on VistA testbed that will include a FHIR server for accessing VistA FHIR resources.


Brian Morgan
Senior Director, Chief Technologist