VES: Development in Iterations

Pat Marion | Kitware Blog | October 21, 2011

My name Is Pat Marion; I’m an engineer at Kitware and part of the VES team. VES is the VTK OpenGL ES 2.0 Rendering Toolkit. We’ve already released a 0.0.2 version of KiwiViewer, the demonstration app for VES, on iPhone and iPad, available in the App store. We have a lot of things coming soon, including KiwiViewer for the Android market and new demos to show at VisWeek 2011. Here's a sneak peak at one of the demos:


The VES git repo will be released early next month after another round or two of iterations. We’ve been doing a lot of iterations (usually just one or two weeks in length) for the past eight weeks to push VES forward as quickly as possible.

Here’s how the iterations proceed in our git repo: a new a topic branch is created and owned by one of the VES team members. Work-in-progress on the topic is staged so that other team members can try the feature, or simply read through the code. Next, iterate (duh!) - the topic is merged to master as soon as we’re comfortable so that everyone can base new work on it...