The Insight Journal Reaches 500 Published Articles!

Luis Ibanez | Kitware Blog | December 7, 2011

The Insight Journal just received its 500th paper on November 30th! This marks a milestone on the progress of Open Science and the promotion of Reproducibility in Scientific Research. The wide adoption of the Insight Journal by the ITK community is evidence that progress is possible, and that a community of committed individuals can trigger and sustain change.

The idea of the Insight Journal originated from the initial experience of implementing many image analysis algorithms in ITK, and realizing how insufficient traditional journal publications are when it comes to specifying the software implementation of any algorithm. At the time, it was quite evident that something has been lost in the practice of scientific research: The fundamental rule by which a researcher should communicate the outcome of her research work by describing it in enough detail for anyone else to be able to replicate it. The popularization of software as a day-to-day tool in the practice of scientific research has not been followed by a corresponding modernization in the means of publishing scientific results. The standard publication venues were still: 10 pages papers at single space, two columns with black and white static images, and it took two years for them to go from submission to publication...