App Internet and Mobile Devices to Drive Massive Technology Demands in 2012

Leo King | PC World | December 18, 2011

The rise of the "app internet" -- in which users' PCs, smartphones and tablets run the business applications - will drive completely different demands from technology next year. That is the verdict of technology industry experts, who predicted fast-shifting pressures on technology from the rise in mobile application development, cloud computing and new security threats.

According to Forrester analysts, having said that the web, as the dominant software architecture of the Internet, was dead, a new internet is evolving -- dominated by applications and now placing a strain on the technology supporting it.

"The app internet ushers in the next generation of computing," Forrester said. The high "momentum" of personal devices growth was vastly changing mobile platform strategies.
In order to cope with the change, it said, "elastic application platforms" would emerge "to handle variable scale and portfolio balancing". Businesses would also increasingly push for private clouds, aided by "improved virtualization", it said...