Mozilla Pushes Out MPL 2.0

Ben Woods | ZDNet UK | January 4, 2012

Mozilla has finished work on version 2.0 of its Mozilla Public Licence, updating the agreement for the first time in more than a decade to fit better with other free software and open-source licences.

MPL 2.0, released on Tuesday by the Mozilla Foundation, is the result of 21 months of work on version 1.0, which was created in 1998 and revamped only once in 1999. It is a file-level copyleft licence designed to let developers share modifications of MPL-licensed code while incorporating code available under other open or proprietary licences.

"Version 2.0 is similar in spirit to the previous versions, but shorter, better, and more compatible with other free software and open-source licences," Mitchell Baker, chair of the Mozilla Foundation, said in a blog post...