Open Source Municipalities: Twitter, Transit and Apps a Focus of Cities Summit – Live Blog

Linda Solomon | The Vancouver Observer | February 1, 2012

One of the big cultural shifts we're working through in Calgary is to change our entire mindsets. We serve the citizen. We have to put the citizen at the centre of every decisions we make. I only want you to think about that every day. That mindset coupled with the open data mindset allows us to serve our citizenry more.

Goetzl: We have to have open minds. We have to spend the day saying how can I spend the day making life better for the people we're employed for. Using social media, or apps, or open data, the aim is simply the same wherever we go. We are there for the people and for the citizens. By even helping them if they are not able, the digital homeless, if they are not able or willing to use those media, it is our job to help them to get those services, despite their not being able to get them. I think that's our big issue...