DoD releases 'Open AHLTA' software to OSEHRA

Health.Mil Staff | MHS Blog | May 22, 2012

Following in that long tradition of turning over successful products to the public, the Department of Defense and developer Northrop Grumman Information Systems have agreed to provide a version of the military’s Electronic Health Record software to the Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent (OSEHRA), a nonprofit organization established to support advancements in EHR and health care information technology. Known as Open AHLTA, the software is similar to that used for troops on the battlefield and will be available on the OSEHRA website for free download and use.

“The creation of an open-source VistA community generated an extremely positive response, with more than 850 members, representing 125 companies and agencies, joining OSEHRA to date,” said Roger Baker, VA’s Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology. “I believe that the Open AHLTA codebase will be a welcome addition to the products currently available and will be widely embraced by those working in the industry.”

Adding Open AHLTA to the open-source EHR offerings is expected to have a positive effect on spurring continued innovation, while also enabling others to benefit from the government’s investment in IT solutions.