Collaboration To Develop Multi-Sensor Management Software Architecture

Alberto Vaccarella, Andinet Enquobahrie, Giancarlo Ferrigno, and Elena De Momi | Kitware | September 7, 2012

Kitware, in collaboration with the Neuroengineering and Medical Robotics Laboratory at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, has developed a centralized, multi-sensor management software architecture for distributed computer-integrated surgery (CIS) systems.

The surgical landscape has changed dramatically over the past two decades, with technological advancements leading to CIS systems that promise to improve the outcome, safety, and standardization of surgical procedures.  A CIS system consists of one or more sensors that may be used to measure position or force information, or to acquire intra-operative images. Typically the sensor information is registered with pre-operative information to provide guidance to the surgeon or a robotic device during a procedure. CIS systems are used in many areas including neurosurgery, abdominal surgery and orthopedic surgery. Despite recent advances in sensor technology, there are still challenges in ensuring the various sensors work together, such as time synchronization and spatial consistency of data.