'Open Data' is better than 'Big Data'

Bob. T. Alo | Midsize Insider | September 11, 2012

According to eWeek, a recent Gartner report suggests that open data could bring more value to business firms than big data.

... the idea of open data might not be popular at small and midsize firms yet, but many large enterprises are already reaping the rewards of opening their business information. However, small and midsize businesses can partake in open data by using lightweight techniques.

Although the term is widely used in government agencies and larger enterprises, there is little agreement on the exact definition of "open data." Data available for everyone to use and republish freely, without restrictions from copyrights, patents, or other forms of control, can be typically referred to as open data.

CIOs and IT managers at government agencies and enterprises share their big data assets to improve transparency and brand equity and to spur innovation. The more easily and widely this information is shared, the more business value it will achieve, also known as the "information-sharing network effect." ...

...If done strategically, the information-sharing network effect benefits could pay off in big ways by resulting in improved collaboration with new and existing partners and customers as well as growing data assets that could be used and sold.