Two Years After The Book: “A Digital Liberia”, How Digital Is Liberia?

Darren Wilkins | Daily Observer | September 18, 2012

It’s been over two years since I first submitted the final manuscript of what would later be my first book titled, “A Digital Liberia: How Electrons, Information and Market Forces Will Determine Liberia’s Future” A lot has happened since then. In the following paragraphs, I briefly discuss the progress made in Liberia’s ICT sector since the book was published. Hopefully, I am not giving you the preface of my upcoming book.

In "A Digital Liberia" I addressed ICTs' impact on six crucial areas: Education, Health, Security, Business, Government, and Agriculture. I also discuss how other technologies such as: Open Source, Web 2.0, Green IT and Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Technologies will transform Liberia into a modern nation. Dr. Michael Best of Georgia Institute of Technology wrote the FOREWORD to the book. Here is an excerpt: