4 Big Data Threats Health Org’s Are Socially Obligated To Safeguard Against

Carl Ascenzo | Government Health IT | September 20, 2012

The explosion of big data continues as it brings to picture a wealth of information possessed by the healthcare industry including credit card information, personal security details, medical procedures, diagnosis codes, insurance claims and more. Healthcare organizations are grappling to find the best way to leverage the overwhelming information to achieve tangible business benefits and in the process, leapfrog ahead of competition. Given the vast amount of clinical, financial and soon behavioral data, the possibilities presented by big data are endless and set to significantly transform the industry.

So, what is the Achilles heel for big data’s adoption? Security and Privacy threats. Just this January there was a case of an information technology specialist from Atlanta, who was sentenced for hacking into the patient database of a former employer, stealing patient information including names, telephone numbers, addresses, etc. deleting it from the system and selling the same to his new employer. Digital footprints leave enough information in the digital network that can trace back to personally identifiable information, track personal habits and behavior as well as predict future behavior...