VA sparks VistA and OSEHRA innovation efforts

Patrick Ouellette | EHR Intelligence | October 17, 2012

From adding the enhanced Medsphere Systems File Manager (MSC FileMan) database management system to Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent (OSEHRA) to Veterans Affairs (VA) throwing the down the gauntlet regarding medical scheduling software, Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) has made quite a bit of news this week.

The VA Department of Defense (DoD) have had their ups and downs of late with EHR innovation, as news came out in August that iEHR won’t roll out until 2017 and many were not pleased with this development. One positive development has been OSEHRA, an open source community that revolves around VistA EHR that has sparked EHR and code development.

Now, there is more positive direction for VistA and OSEHRA, as yesterday Medsphere’s MSC FileMan will be part of the OSEHRA after the community picked it as part of a FileMan Unification Project at last month’s VistA Expo in Seattle...