FrontlineSMS Case Study Featured In New Rockefeller Foundation Report: Learning From Experimentation

Laura Walker Hudson | FrontlineSMS | November 1, 2012

The Rockefeller Foundation recently launched a new website, Capacity to, which examines lessons from a number of organizations including Ushahidi and Internews, and encapsulates them in three short reports which are well worth a read. FrontlineSMS is featured in the ‘Learning From Experimentation’ report, available from the website.

Here’s an excerpt, but we really recommend the whole report as a very readable and thought-provoking set of examples. “In many ways, it’s about the power of narrative,” said Sean McDonald, CEO of FrontlineSMS. “People understand the benefits of technology through stories about how it changes the things that they know. FrontlineSMS is a powerful, general tool that you can use to accomplish everything from keeping in touch with your kids to monitoring fair election practices. With so many ‘stories,’ we needed to give people a rubric to understand how the technology related to their specific industry and the impact they were trying to make.”