OpenHIM Released As Open Source!

asugrue | hub | November 13, 2012

As a part of the work Jembi Health Systems has been doing in Rwanda at the moment with the RHEA project they have been creating a health information exchange to enable interoperability between the OpenMRS systems implemented in some of the health facilities in the Rwamagana district. The architecture of this health information exchange contains a key component that manages the interoperability and orchestration of transactions. It is called the Open Health Information Mediator (OpenHIM). Friday, Jembi Health Systems released this component as open source.

If you are interested please see the release notice below:

We at Jembi Health System are proud to announce the open source (MPL 2.0) release of the Open Health Information Mediator! This project aims to enable easier interoperability between disparate health information systems. This version of the source code was developed for the Rwandan reference implementation of a Health Information Exchange for maternal health. It is our goal, with your help, to make this project more generally applicable for enabling health information exchanges in other low resource setting...