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Ali Llewellyn | OpenNASA | November 14, 2012

The International Space Apps Challenge was an international hackathon-style event that took place over a 48 hour period in cities on all seven continents on the weekend of 21 – 22 April 2012. NASA led the international collaboration with 8 other government agencies and 90 additional organizations. The event took place in 25 cities, dispersed over 17 countries on all seven continents as well as online. The challenge brought together 2,083 registered participants (ages 16-70) together to address 71 challenges that were grouped into four broad categories including open source software, open hardware, citizen science platforms, and data visualization.

More than 100 unique solutions were developed in less than 48 hours during the event – many that had direct tangible benefits to existing programs at NASA. All solutions were developed in a completely open source environment, and each have their own unique potential to go even further to address world and space technology challenges...