Announces 2013 Community Award Winners

Casey Brown | | February 8, 2013

The tallies are in, and we'd like to announce the winners of the 2013 People's Choice Awards! Plus, a few extraordinary contributors that have elevated the community.

People's Choice Award

We had 20 oustanding nominees. The poll was open for two weeks for our community to vote for the most outstanding contributors. The nominees wrote three or more articles last year or wrote an article that received more than 3,000 page views. You picked your favorites.

And the winners are...

...Luis Ibanez

Luis is a Technical Leader at Kitware Inc. and the director of Science and IP at the Open Source EHR Agent (OSEHRA). He has realized there is an urgency for bringing young, new open source developers into the space of healthcare IT, and wants to solve that problem. Luis is a regular contributor, and his series about the M Revolution has been his most popular post: Join the M revolution - M and R programming languages...