Microsoft’s Surface Pro Tablet Is Almost Impossible To Fix

Doug Drinkwater | TabTimes | February 13, 2013

Keep your fingers crossed you don’t break your Surface Pro, because the Intel-powered tablet is almost impossible to repair, according to a new teardown.

iFixit recently took the Surface Pro to pieces and while they discovered the model was easier to repair than the Surface RT they reported difficulties when it came to removing the SSD, the display assembly as well as other difficulties with screws, adhesive and interfering cables.

Scoring a poor 1 out of 10 for reparability (10 being the best score and easiest to repair), testers begun by trying to see what’s under the Surface Pro screen only to quickly encounter a “metric duckload of adhesive holding the screen in place”. This problem eventually turned to a heat gun and guitar picks to open it up.

There were more problems to follow. iFixit discovered a staggering 90 screws inside the device and warned that you “risk killing” the tablet should you remove it. Furthermore, the tester said that cutting one of the tablet’s internal cables is also a concern...