The Cure Project Aims To Give Providers A Place At The HIT Table

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | March 4, 2013

Anyone wondering where the #EHRbacklash hashtag might be headed may have found some clarity at HIMSS13. The man behind the Twitter hashtag, Mosaica Partners vice president Bob Brown, along with Steven Waldren, MD, senior strategist for the American Academy of Family Physician's Center for Health IT, are spreading word about The Cure Project.

Waldren said the time has come to look at what the collective of health IT plans to accomplish, because, for instance, “presently there’s just not a good definition of what the medical home is.”

Instead, there’s a de facto table for health IT infrastructure at which policy makers and EHR vendors have seats but healthcare providers are largely absent, Brown said. “Even providers that are technically inclined,” Brown continued, “their doctors are under siege,” taking care of patients and running the business...