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10 of Today's Really Cool Network & IT Research Projects

Bob Brown | Network World | February 1, 2016

University at Buffalo and Northeastern University researchers are developing hardware and software to enable underwater telecommunications to catch up with over-the-air networks. This advancement could be a boon for search-and-rescue operations, tsunami detection, environmental monitoring and more. Sound waves used underwater are just no match for the radio waves used in over-the-air communications, but the researchers are putting smart software-defined radio technology to work in combination with underwater acoustic modems...

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Exclusive Q&A: The Pair Behind #EHRbacklash And The Cure Project

Tom Sullivan | Nextgov | March 18, 2013

If you don’t typically consider EHRs and health IT in general as metaphysical or the stuff of Buddhist sayings, well, perhaps you’ve not asked Bob Brown and Steven Waldren, MD. Read More »

Is an EHR backlash brewing?

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | February 19, 2013

#EHRbacklash was born as EHRs, vendors, and the meaningful use incentive program are under perhaps as much fire as they’ve faced yet. On Tuesday, in fact, Black Book Rankings managing partner Doug Brown essentially struck at all three by saying that “meaningful use incentives created an artificial market for dozens of immature EHR products,” a scenario that may trigger “the year of the great EHR switch,” in 2013. Read More »

The Cure Project Aims To Give Providers A Place At The HIT Table

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | March 4, 2013

Anyone wondering where the #EHRbacklash hashtag might be headed may have found some clarity at HIMSS13. The man behind the Twitter hashtag, Mosaica Partners vice president Bob Brown, along with Steven Waldren, MD, senior strategist for the American Academy of Family Physician's Center for Health IT, are spreading word about The Cure Project. Read More »