Surgeons Warming Up To Use Of 3-D Technology

Susan D. Hall | FierceHealthIT | March 8, 2013

A new study out of Germany finds surgeons warming up to the idea of wider use of 3-D technology.

In the study, 50 surgeons were asked to compare four different screen systems during a test in which they were to make 10 stitches with a needle and thread to close a wound in a model abdominal cavity. They compared 2-D, 3-D with and without glasses, and a mirror apparatus that served as the "ideal" 3-D model, according to an announcement.

The surgeons did not have a direct view of their hands and had to rely on the image on the screen. Overall the procedure was 15 percent faster and more precise with the glasses-based 3-D system and the "winning" surgeon had more than 30 years of experience. In the past, more experienced surgeons were the most leery of using 3-D, according to the announcement...