IT Spending Up 2.1 Percent In President's Budget

Adam Mazmanian | FCW | April 10, 2013

Editor's note: This article was modified after publication to correct an erroneous figure.

The Obama administration budget for fiscal year 2014 includes a modest increase in overall IT spending. Total outlays are just under $82 billion, with $42.3 billion in civilian-agency IT spending, and $39.5 going to defense IT.

Overall this represents a 2.1 percent uptick in federal IT investments over the 2012 appropriation of $80.2 billion. The government budgeted $80.5 billion under the continuing resolution for FY 2013, but that amount was reduced by the across-the-board cuts under sequestration.

The figures in the administration budget are just proposals, of course. Republicans in the House of Representatives say they do not intend to vote to increase tax revenues, as Obama proposes. But the IT portion of the document doesn't appear to contain any hot-button issues...