Powerful platform for mobile health apps now available as open source software

Jennifer Kohm | CFRI News | October 9, 2013

Researchers at CFRI, BC Children’s Hospital and UBC have released a platform for new and novel mobile health applications as open source software.

LambdaNative was initially created in 2009 by the Pediatric Anesthesia Research Team (PART) and the Electrical & Computer Engineering in Medicine (ECEM) research group to support the development of mobile phone applications to improve diagnosis, monitoring, and patient care everywhere from hospital operating rooms to remote areas of developing countries.

...These mobile health apps have been used in more than 10 clinical studies and clinical trials involving over 10,000 participants in Canada, France, India, Uganda, Bangladesh, and South Africa. The research team, led by Dr. Mark Ansermino and Dr. Guy Dumont, released the software as open source earlier this year to enable other research teams to build their own tools using this platform.

Researchers hope that sharing the software will lead to new functionality and new opportunities for collaboration. The software has already benefited from the feedback of outside groups who identified bugs and proposed improvements.