Kitware Turns 10

Lisa Avila | Kitware | April 19, 2013

At Kitware, we celebrated our 15th birthday on March 7, 2013. Being Kitware, we had to have a visualization component to our celebration. The idea actually started as one of the "celebrate some odd day" events that the office admin team does occasionally to keep things fun - we recently had Dip Anything In Chocolate Day (quite tasty), Pi Day (also quite tasty), and Scrabble Day (not edible - but held in conjunction with our regularly scheduled monthly Wing Day, because at Kitware there is always food involved!)

We started out with the idea of celebrating "Art At Work Day," but we had some doubts about our collective artistic abilities. So, to keep it simple, "fingerprint art" (where you put your fingerprint on a piece of paper, and following some simple example turn it into a bumble bee or a pig) was suggested. Rather than have each employee create their own artwork, we thought it would be fun to do a group project that would represent Kitware as a whole. Ultimately we went with the "tree" concept where each office is represented as its own tree (or sapling, or sprout, as the case may be), and the thumbprints are the leaves.