Growing Support For Spain Ministry Process Tool Made Open Source

Gijs Hillenius | European Commission (EC) | June 7, 2013

A rapidly rising number of software service providers is willing to offer support for the implementation or integration of Al Sigm, a system to manage complex procedures, that is developed by Spain's ministry of Industry, Tourism and Energy. Al Sigm is available since February, and Cenatic, Spain's open source resource centre, has been building an open source community for Al Sigm to help other public administrations to implement the solution and at the same time enhancing business for IT companies to commercialise the application.

Cenatic is building a market place around Al Sigm, bringing together ICT service providers and public administrations that want to implement or integrate the application or have a need for additional services. "We're gathering firms that want to sell or to provide free services and support around this product and are offering them a central way to find public administration customers through Al Sigm open source community ecosystem, a community with more than 100 players", explains Pop Ramsamy, head of Cenatic's open source observatory.