Director Of Open Medicine Institute, Linda Tannenbaum: "We Have The Big Plan"

Linda Tannenbaum | ProHealth | June 11, 2013

Invest in ME, a UK charity, holds a yearly conference to explore biomedical research into ME. This year's conference, "Mainstreaming ME Research: Infections, Immunity and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis,”" was held on May 31st in London, and featured a roster of noted physicians and researchers: Dan Peterson and Andreas Kogelnik, who shared the keynote address; Mady Hornig on pathogen discovery in ME; Olav Mella and Oystein Fluge speaking about Rituximab, and more. For a full program of presentations go HERE.

Read Mark Berry's excellent report on this fascinating conference HERE.

This year, the pre-conference dinner speech was given by Linda Tannenbaum, Executive Director of the Open Medicine Foundation. [From OMI Website}: Before joining OMF Linda set up and ran a successful independent clinical laboratory for over 21 years. Linda left the clinical world to set up the Open Medicine Foundation because she has a passion to find answers via research. As a promise to their daughter, who has ME/CFS, Linda and her husband started their own non-profit, Neuro-Immune Disease Alliance (NIDA), as well as joined the board of Simmaron Research for the purpose of seeking out and helping to fund research for diagnoses and treatments for neuro-immune diseases. Linda is also a board member of the Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance (LABCA). In this speech, Ms Tannenbaum outlines OMI's Big Plan for research on ME. [Transcript courtesy CFS Patient Advocate]