Talend, Couchbase: Open Source NoSQL For Big Data

Christopher Tozzi | The Var Guy | June 12, 2013

The battle to decide which database technology will define the future of Big Data continues to rage, but the NoSQL camp scored a victory today with the announcement of a new partnership between Talend and Couchbase. The agreement will connect Talend's open source Big Data platforms to the enterprise NoSQL software developed by Couchbase.

More specifically, the deal certifies both of Talend's two main Big Data products, Talend Platform for Big Data and Talend Open Studio for Big Data, for use with Couchbase Server, a NoSQL database server. At the center of the value proposition is the combination of user-friendly Big Data management, which is Talend's hallmark, with enterprise-class NoSQL software from Couchbase. As Talend put it in a statement: