Mick Ebeling Interview - Open Source Tech & Changing Healthcare

Staff Writer | TYTInterviews | June 19, 2013

Mick Ebeling is an executive producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. You may recognize him from his TED Talk for the EyeWriter (http://bit.ly/eFHK1b) a collaborative DIY project that "unlocked" TEMPT One, a well-known L.A. graffiti artist who was rendered unable to move, breathe or speak after being diagnosed with ALS, a degenerative nerve disease.

EyeWriter is an open-source project that helps people create art using only their eyes. It is not for sale-- all the instructions are all online. It's possible to build one's own device for less than $100.

Mick is also producing "Getting Up: The TEMPT One Story," a documentary of Tempt One's life as an artist still creating even while his disease progresses. (http://gettingup-thedoc.com/)