Netflix Positioned To Lead The Next Wave Of Cloud Adoption

Matt Asay | ReadWrite | June 24, 2013

As the cloud grows in importance, Netflix is positioned to lead mainstream enterprises to adopt it in droves.

Amazon may well be the most important infrastructure company in the industry today, given its dominant role in public cloud infrastructure. But the company making that infrastructure sing, regularly releasing code that enables companies to optimize their cloud applications, is Netflix. While Netflix isn't a software vendor, it's quickly establishing itself as one of the industry's most important software companies.

Why Not Google?

Given the industry's shift to cloud infrastructures and Big Data-driven applications, the first place to look for an industry mover and shaker is Google. But Google, while a significant contributor to open source, has been relatively reticent to share its innovations. MapReduce, which became part of Hadoop in Yahoo's hands after Google outlined the internal project in a research paper, was more the exception than the rule (albeit an industry-changing exception).