Cerner Supports Blue Button + To Engage Individuals For Better Health

Andy Heeren | Cerner Blog | June 27, 2013

As health care in the United States continues to digitize, we’re seeing a shift in the way people perceive their role in their own health and care. Accurate information about diseases and conditions are available at the click of a mouse (or the tap of a touchscreen), while people, as paper charts increasingly become a relic of a bygone era, have the ability to access information about their own care. But, work remains to enable different aspects of a person’s engagement.

It’s with that in mind that I’m pleased to say that Cerner is announcing its support of and participation in Blue Button + (formerly known as the Automate Blue Button Plus Initiative or ABBI), a voluntary group of personal health service providers that are working together to accelerate patient engagement in support of better health.