Massive Open Online Healthcare (MOOH)

Richard Gunderman | The Atlantic | July 10, 2013

Just as the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) has revolutionized education at all levels, so the MOOH (Massive Open Online Healthcare) is about to revolutionize the nation's healthcare system, putting out of work most of the businesspeople, politicians, and pundits who have for so long profited from its afflictions. At last, we stand on the threshold of not just "the next big thing" in medicine, but the final and biggest thing of all.

Like the MOOC, MOOH follows on the heels of a number of other technological revolutions, including radio, motion pictures, closed-circuit TV, and video conferencing. It solves the problem of healthcare access by making it available to anyone with an Internet connection. It solves the finance problem by making it available almost for free -- an hour of a physician's time can be beamed out to thousands, even millions of patients. And it can be delivered anytime, at the patient's convenience.

In other words, the MOOH dramatically increases the efficiency and reduces the costs of the healthcare industry by largely removing its greatest source of inefficiency and cost -- human beings.

...The time has come for the nation's patients and physicians to declare 2013 the "Year of the MOOH."