Koneki Open-Source Development Tools Simplify M2M Development

Benjamin Cabé | Electronic Design | July 15, 2013

As the first pillar in the M2M IWG effort and the initiative that spawned the entire project, Koneki aims to solve one of the biggest problems for M2M developers: a lack of effective tools for developing embedded applications.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing technology areas today, with a projected 50 billion connected devices deployed by 2020.1 And yet M2M technology is still not evolving as quickly as it could because too many basic development functions remain closed and proprietary.

Most M2M technology solutions were created as custom pieces of software, built for a specific purpose, usually with proprietary protocols, operating systems, and server implementations. This industry fragmentation prevents developers from freely reusing software and skills or from tapping into the knowledge of a large community of fellow developers working on similar problems.