Why Apple Is A Dead Company Walking

Dave Logan | CBS News | July 23, 2013

There is no greater fan of Apple (AAPL) than I. My first computer from the company was top of the line at the time, with 16k RAM, and I had to load programs from cassette tapes. I owned one of the first Macs when it had a single floppy drive. I've watched Apple rise from the ashes more than once.

And yet, sadly, I have to report that a new form of analysis reveals that the best brand in the world is lost, cannibalizing its luster without anyone apparently creating more of the Apple magic. Or, if anyone is, it's not CEO Tim Cook.

This analysis is based on a technique called "word mapping," in which a leader's words, in connection to other words, reveal their worldview and their bias for action. I've taught word mapping to a few groups, and the feedback was so positive that people said it must be brought to a bigger audience. (This is the first time I've written about it besides a more technical introduction in my personal blog.)