2D Barcodes Can Save Money And Streamline EHR Implementation

Katie Wike | Healthcare Technology Online | August 13, 2013

The use of 2D barcodes for vaccines improves the accuracy of medical records and transfers patient information directly into an EHR system; providing healthcare savings is the next step

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), through its Immunization Information Systems (IIS) program, piloted a project in 2011 to test the implementation - using industry barcoding standards - of 2D barcodes on vaccine products. The CDC notes, “The goal of this pilot implementation of 2D barcoded vaccines and scanners was to assess their impact on the completeness and accuracy of vaccine data in both the EHR and the IIS.

“The immunizers included private providers, publically-funded health services, and one pharmacy. The participating manufacturers placed 2D barcodes containing product identifier, lot number, and expiration date onto specific vaccines they produce. [...]."