Enabling The Internet Of Things: Q&A With Libelium CEO Alicia Asin

Will Dalton | ITProPortal | September 2, 2013

As part of a busy September for ITProPortal, we'll be attending GigaOm's Structure:Europe cloud conference from the 18th to 19th. We caught up with one of the event's headline speakers ahead of the London show - Alicia Asin, CEO and Co-founder of Spain's Libelium.

1) Libelium appears to be involved in an extremely vast range of data-related projects. How would you succinctly describe what your company does?

We are Internet of Things enablers. We provide a modular, horizontal and open source wireless sensor hardware platform that sends any sensor data, using any communication protocol to any information system. In other words, our Waspmote sensor device can be used for detecting free parking spots, to enhance wine quality, measure pollution levels and air quality, create noise maps, save water in irrigation, and more. Keeping the horizontal approach means resigning from direct access to the end user market in favour of working very closely with expert partners in each area or vertical. Thanks to this approach, we now sell our products in 75 countries worldwide.