New ideas about European education: on board the “digital express”

Eugene Eteris | The Baltic Course | October 7, 2013
In a discussion on “Opening up Education: making the 21st century classroom a reality”, two European Commissioners revealed main features of the program for more intensive usage of digital technology in all education spheres.

European education system needs to adapt to new content, new infrastructures and new methodology. School curricula still often fail to provide the tools and framework necessary to ensure that developments in digital technologies and ICT [Information & Communication Technology] are followed-up successfully; this situation has to change, acknowledged European Commissioners: Neelie Kroes and Androulla Vassiliou.

Present situation

In some countries, like Greece and Croatia, fewer than half of pupils have internet at school.

In most EU [European Union] countries, less than 30% of children aged 10-15 are taught by "digitally confident" teachers, with good access to ICT. Moreover, while digital technology and content has improved, and countries around the world, from the US to Asia, are starting to reap the ICT’s benefits, Europe is falling behind...

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