Telemetry – Reboot, Firefox OS, Probe Expiration

Lawrence Mandel | Lawrence Mandel | November 1, 2013

Telemetry has seen a resurgence of development of late due in large part to the reboot of the server side component. A group of us gathered in Portland last week to hack on Telemetry concepts (and code). I would like to share three updates: Telemetry project reboot, Telemetry for Firefox OS, and Telemetry probe expiration.

Telemetry project reboot

About six months ago the performance team kicked off an effort to reboot Telemetry’s server side, which went live on Oct 1, 2013. Taras described the reboot and the needs that it addresses in his post Telemetry Reboot. Mark started the week by describing the new server side architecture, which he has described in his post The Final Countdown. My key takeaways from this discussion are...