58% Of Docs Dissatisfied With EHRs, Loss Of Productivity

Jennifer Bresnick | EHR Intelligence | November 18, 2013

If you were worried that EHR dissatisfaction was going away, a new survey by IDC Health Insights can put your fears to rest.  EHR backlash is still going strong, according to 212 ambulatory and hospital-based providers polled in September.  More than half of the participants indicated that they were not happy with the way EHRs have affected their daily workflow, with a chronic loss of productivity and poor software design topping the list of reasons why physicians continue to grumble about their computers.

While 43% of providers hoped to improve the quality of their care and 30% wanted to become more efficient when they adopted EHRs, the reality is that few have seen those dreams come to life.  Among those who reported a lack of satisfaction, 85% indicated that they spend extra time on documentation now that they use an EHR, and 66% are seeing fewer patients to compensate.

“While EHR adoption has been successful, with the industry moving from just 30% adoption in 2010 to near saturation by the end of 2013, user satisfaction and productivity with the applications has lagged behind,” writes Judy Hanover, Research Director at IDC. [...]