The Next Level Of Open Health Data Tracking Is Good For You

Dick MacInnis | | December 4, 2013

Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are collecting enormous amounts of information all day, every day. They use powerful supercomputers to analyze this data. Many people use this to better market products to consumers, for instance.

But, how can big data do more? We see companies and inventors coming out with ideas for improving healthcare, for one, by tracking human biometrics. I think we can take it to the next level and make more wide-scale improvements to our health and our lives.

After a long struggle with addiction, I've realized a dream of mine is to use the health data and analysis of the masses to help solve problems of the mind and body that afflict millions of people worldwide. Good For You is that initiative.

I believe that many of the world's population understands that if we're "on the grid", a lot of our information is already out there. My call is for people to not only share their personal shopping preferences, but their health preferences too. Globally and locally, we can come together to help solve bigger, more important problems than that of capitalism and consumerism.