Day 2 @ TEDMED 2013, Washington D.C. #LiveUpdate.

Alessandro Demaio | PLOS Blogs | April 18, 2013

There is a lot of discussion about data here at TEDMED 2013, and this is no great surprise. Big data, small data, open data, crowdsourced data – this is the information backbone of science and the key to breakthroughs and innovation.

Assuming the data is put in the right hands.

Two interesting reflections emerged from the Day 2 sessions regarding data though… And I promise not to make this too nerdy or jargonistic.

Open Data & Open Access

The first, was around open data and open access science. Exploring notions of science, money and the free flow of information. The term ‘open’ describes the unrestricted, uncontrolled provision of data or science to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Free from financial barriers.