12 Days of Open Data to Get You Through the New Year

Matthew Rumsey & Peter Olsen-Phillips | Sunlight Foundation | December 20, 2013

In the weeks since Nov. 30, when federal agencies were supposed to comply with President Barack Obama’s open data executive order by providing a list of all the data they are holding, it has already become clear that the executive order is unearthing treasure troves of information that previously haven't been available or accessible. This despite the fact that agencies are still making their lists and checking them twice, and so far results have been mixed -- so mixed that it's giving our lawyers itchy trigger fingers.

...The data that's being unveiled involves a mind-boggling range of policy areas that touch on citizens' lives in countless ways. Wondering how your kid's school is doing? Government data can help you with that! Worried that the factory down the street might be storing dangerous chemicals? You can find out with government data too. There's a really good statement about why open data is important here.

So, in the spirit of the season, we’ve picked a selection of shiny new data sets to share with you. Whether you’re digesting a big holiday meal, looking for something quiet to do after a rambunctious New Year's celebration, or trying to figure out ways to get out of all that "quality time" with friends and family, we've got a reason for you to crack that laptop over Yuletide! Here's to more in 2014!!