'Copyright Week' Protest Channels Aaron Swartz's Activist Legacy

Dell Cameron | The Daily Dot | January 14, 2014

To the many who view themselves as netizens, citizens of the Internet, the loss of Aaron Swartz was a devastating moment in history. One year after his death, the memory of the 26-year-old activist is galvanizing the efforts of organizers who share his passion for the freedom of information.

For the next month, activists with "The Day We Fight Back" movement will coordinate a massive protest movement against suspicionless online surveillance by the U.S. National Security Agency. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, in affiliation with other organizations, has declared the week of January 13 Copyright Week, an event that aims to both inform the public and call them to action.

Each day of the event focuses on a different principle, which the activists hope will draw sustained attention towards the need for improved copyright laws: