Five Ways To Bring A More Social, Open Development Environment To Your Company

Dave Gruber | | January 20, 2014

Based on the success and effectiveness of the open source community, development organizations are taking a close look at the methods used within the open source world to understand how they can apply internal development to further increase creativity and accelerate development.

To facilitate widespread, collaborative development, the open source world depends on a core infrastructure that enables individual developers to create, contribute and comment on the works of others. This infrastructure, combined with a widely adopted set of operating norms, enables developers to find and engage with projects that focus on common areas of interest and expertise. It also allows developers to connect with and share their skills and knowledge with other developers, bringing their specialized talents together to solve big problems.

As software developers are exposed to a more open approach to building software through the open source community, they crave a similar open-style of development in their corporate lives. Many satisfy this desire today by engaging outside their corporate lives in open source projects, connecting with new communities where they are building new relationships with other developers that lead to new knowledge and potentially new opportunities. [...]