Startup Strategy: HIT And Device Entrepreneurs Name 2014 Risks And Opportunities

Staff Writer | MedCity News | February 12, 2014

While healthcare reform is well underway, a true shift in care delivery and economics appears to be more of a looming threat than a proven reality. The question remains: How do you manage and grow a successful business in the dynamic environment of today while positioning for the future?

We asked a few of the River Cities’ portfolio company CEOs some of the most prevalent questions on the minds of healthcare management teams when preparing for the year ahead. Part I of the roundtable addresses the general concerns about the year ahead and shifts in the industry that may arise. Part II will discuss sales and marketing and how the CEOs plan to thrive in the face of reform. Participants included:

1. What are your key areas of focus for 2014? What are the macro forces that most concern you?