Job Opportunities - Join the deployment of VistA at the New York State Office of Mental Health

Luis Ibáñez | OSEHRA Blog | March 7, 2014

New York State is currently performing the largest deployment of VistA in the United States (outside of the Department of Veterans Affairs).This development is taking place at the Office of Mental Health (OMH), and it is bringing together State Government, Industry and Academia in an open and agile collaborative environment, creating the perfect conditions for promoting the growth of the VistA open source community.

This deployment is being performed by CGI, under a contract valued at US$48.7 million, over four years with two additional option years. Joining the CGI team in this effort are VistA experts DSS Inc., and healthcare IT leader NTT Data (see CGI’s press release). OMH is one of the nation's largest healthcare delivery organizations, with dozens of facilities across New York State.

As consequence of this deployment, there is a rising need for health IT technologists with experience in VistA and its associated topics, such as the programming languages MUMPS and Delphi, and the actual configuration and management options of VistA itself. Please take a moment to consider the following Job Opportunities in Albany New York, and share with anyone who you may think could be interested...

Open Health News' Take: 

The State of New York's Office of Mental Health (OMH) is carrying out one of the largest EHR implementations in the world. After extensive reasearch they wisely chose VistA. They will be implementing it in 26 hospitals and more than 300 clinics. Extraordinarily, the contract is value at just $48.7 million. Had OMH chosen a proprietary EHR they would have had to pay billions of dollars and would have been hostages to the proprietary EHR vendor. With this deal they are getting the world's best hospital-based EHR, getting it for a bargain-basement price, and they will be in complete control of the software, as it is open source, and their destiny. A good article to read is: "VistA rivals Epic and Cerner in major deployments of EHR systems."--Roger A. Maduro, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Open Health News.