5 Biggest Barriers To Google Glass Adoption In Healthcare

Erica Garvin | HIT Consultant | June 30, 2014

Google Glass adoption in healthcare is promising, but also has its share of challenges to overcome. We examine the thoughts of Dr. Rafael Grossmann and Pristine’s Kyle Samani on the subject.

The little wearable optical computer that could, may be helping physicians and medical professionals see things a bit differently these days—but how Google Glass will seamlessly replace other devices to enhance clinical care has yet to come fully into focus.  For even the device’s biggest enthusiasts say there are barriers between Google Glass and its potential.

For starters, there are several misconceptions about the hands-free optical device that could lead the best intended physicians and clinicians astray, according to Dr. Rafael Grossmann (@ZGJR).  “One of the most common mistakes that I can foresee is that most users will assume that the device has connectivity of its own. It does not! It needs a wifi network to connect to, or a smartphone that it can tether to, in order to have internet capabilities,” he said...