10 Health Information Exchange Trends In Hospitals And Physicians Offices

Fred Pennic | HIT Consultant | August 12, 2014

The ONC recently released a report on the “National Health Information Exchange and Interopability Landscape” highlighting health information exchange trends from office based physicians and hospitals, individuals and state HIE program grantees. The report found growth in exchange capability and activity, but also show there is still substantial room for improvement.

...Here are ten key trends/findings on health information exchange activity from this report:

1. Prior to Stage 2 Meanignful Use, 4 in 10 physicians electronically exchange; however outside exchange is limited

2. Majority of physicians who electronically exchange data with other providers report quality and efficiency benefits

3. Hospital exchange with outside providers has grown significantly since 2008

4. Prior to MU Stage 2, 40-50 percent of hospitals had the capability to query and send secure messages

5. In 2013, about one-third of physicians exchnged different types of data

6. In 2012, 5 in 10 physicians receive discharge summaries routinely, but only 25% receive it electronically

7 Prior to MU Stage 2, hospital exchange with outside providers varied by type of data...