How To Ensure New IT Systems In Healthcare Are A Success

Sarah Johnson | The Guardian | October 15, 2014

Sponsored Q&A: Expert views from our live discussion on implementing IT systems

What are the challenges for implementing a healthcare information system in the NHS?

Richard Corbridge, chief information officer, Clinical Research Network, NIHR: I think it’s engagement. How do we make the implementation of a system add to the delivery of healthcare and be about improving care and releasing benefits? Some of that is about design of systems and some of that is about how a system is implemented, ultimately the benefit has to be at the core of what is being put in place.

Farid Fouladinejad, IT strategy lead, CWHHE clinical commissioning groups collaborative: The biggest challenge is around meeting the expectations on integrated care across multiple organisations using different generations of standards and IT platforms while limiting impact on frontline staff.

Andrew Graley, director of healthcare, Polycom: There isn’t one single big challenge you can focus on. There are broad challenges and local issues. Establishing a good, working system has been done before – there are plenty of successful examples in Europe and north America...