Google Fights Ebola

Staff Writer | Google | November 16, 2014

While governments around the world were unsuccessfully trying to make up their minds about the best approach, sitting around and debating and discussing about the most valid ways to combat Ebola …Google came up to the plate in November and its CEO announced it would pledge $2 for every dollar donated through its website. They set up a specific URL to explain this original social action and invite people worldwide to contribute to this worthwhile, timely cause.

When you plug “Google ebola campaign” into a search engine, you’ll get over 22 million results with posts, news, articles and mentions to this initiative that smacked squarely in the face of those governments from all over the world who seemed to be taking forever and even then still couldn’t make any decsion about how to best face this challenge. CSR campaigns are always great , but if they are launched at the perfect moment and with the most flattering circumstances — as was this case for Google —, they will become a huge boost for your brand.

The campaign is a product of, its philanthropic non-profit arm. The money will be divided between Doctors Without Borders, International Rescue Committee, Partners in Health and Save the Children, by way of the online fundraising platform Network for Good. Google has already donated $10 million to regions most heavily impacted by the disease, which has plagued the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia...