.NET Foundation Adds New Governance Model, Projects

Darryl K. Taft | eWeek | November 16, 2014

The .NET Foundation is moving to a new governance model to help with its oversight of Microsoft's open-sourcing of the .NET development environment.

As Microsoft continues to set into motion efforts to open-source significant portions of its .NET development stack, the .NET Foundation is moving in lock step and is adding a new governance model along with a number of new project contributions.  The foundation announced that in addition to the .NET Foundation board of directors, an advisory council is being established to ensure that the general community is involved and informed of decisions about the future direction and health of the .NET ecosystem. Individuals interested in helping to guide governance of this process are invited to join the .NET Foundation advisory council. You can join the discussion on the forum and send advisory council nominations here.

"Microsoft is making headlines for its decision to open source its popular .NET development stack, which will now be maintained under the stewardship of the .NET Foundation," said Gianugo Rabellino, a .NET Foundation board member and senior director of open-source communities at Microsoft Open Technologies. "This should be welcome news to the millions of developers who use .NET to build high quality applications and services that can scale from needs of individual developers to large enterprises."

The .NET Foundation is an independent organization whose goal is to foster open development and collaboration around the growing collection of open-source technologies for .NET, Microsoft's comprehensive development framework, reads a description of the foundation on its Website. It serves as a forum for commercial and community developers alike to strengthen the future of the .NET ecosystem by promoting openness, community participation and rapid innovation...