Firefox OS: Create A Better Future

Staff Writer | Food World News | December 6, 2014

Seeking to empower people and allowing them to get involved in a better world, the makers of Firefox, Mozilla have just released a newly developed operating system for smartphones based on Firefox known as the Firefox OS.  Built entirely with the use of HTML5 and some other open Web standards, this new operating system is free from restrictions and the rules of proprietary platforms existing today.

Most smartphones found in the market these days are made by a small number of individuals, all in one place. However, Firefox OS mobile phones are very different. They are made by a huge global community, and they are the only smartphones that know and provide what users need and want. It delivers all the necessary information you want including not only famous, big name applications but also local contents that are valuable to you and to your life. In addition, Firefox OS is loaded with exceptional features that you will love with a smartphone.

Firefox OS features an Adaptive App Search that allows users to type a word or even a subject they are interested in, save apps to their phone, get instant access to the applications they need, find exactly what they want and discover more applications on Firefox Marketplace.  The developers of this new operating system are seeking to make a difference in the world, and not merely a profit. By choosing Firefox OS, users are also playing a big role in establishing a brighter future for the World Wide Web as well as users everywhere...